Yellow fever vaccinations valid for life

As of 11th of July 2016, the vaccination certificates against yellow fever of all seamen will be considered as valid without expiration.

In accordance with Amendment to International Health Regulations (2005), Annex 7 of World Health Organization (WHO), the Term of protection provided by vaccination against yellow fever infection and the validity of the respective certificate of vaccination is extended from ten years to the life of the person vaccinated.

Seamen, holding an expired certificate of vaccination against yellow fever, are considered as vaccinated and their certificates should be considered valid. Also new certificates of vaccination may not indicate expiry date.

Accordingly (as explicitly stated in the attachment), as of 11 July 2016, for both existing or new certificates, revaccination or a booster dose of yellow fever vaccine cannot be required of international travelers as a condition of entry into a State Party, regardless of the date their international certificate of vaccination was initially issued.

Download the respective WHO amendment here.

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