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COSMOS Marine Management S.A. offers a wide range of crewing services that are grouped in two fundamental Crew manning options.

Basic Recruitment solution

This is the basic crew management service, offering client shipowners' crew department with a low-cost solution covering all aspects of seafarers' recruitment.

Flight arrangementsCertification follow-upRejoining programITF -IBF coverage

Crew selection With the establishment of very strict procedures for crew interviewing and selection, COSMOS Marine Management guarantees effective crew selection in terms of skills, experience and motivation to work.
Interview All officers selected for employment are interviewed for their English abilities by COSMOS Marine port captains, either during their regular visits in the manning agency offices around the world or over the phone/tele-conferencing facilities.
Previous services Reference from previous employers are obtained to ensure that each seaman has successfully served on his previous vessels and his performance/attitude was professional.
Preparation Once approved, seamen are prepared for joining with all necessary certificates in accordance with national and international regulations as well as with Owners' standing instructions. Moreover, our manning agencies have the necessary presentation facilities to conduct familiarisation training to approved seafarers according to shipowners' ISM requirements.
Medical examination Approved seafarers are passing medical and drug & alcohol examinations in reliable medical centers, in accordance with Owners' P&I club requirements, if applicable.
Certification review Specially trained personnel is checking the certification of approved seafarers to confirm that they are holders of all certificates necessary with respect to their position, the type and the flag of the vessel. Validity and genuinity of certificates is verified through the respective national and flag authorities. Criminal record of seafarers is obtained in order to comply with vessels' SSP requirements.
Seafarers' visa COSMOS is arranging seafarer's visa, whenever such is required for the seamen to be allowed to fly and join vessels in particular countries. For urgent crew replacements, Schengen and/or USA visa  can be arranged at short notice.
Flag certification COSMOS Marine is arranging timely issuance of flag endorsement and all other applicable flag certification (SBKs, stickers, etc.) in accordance with flag administration requirements.
Flight arrangements Through affiliated travel agency, COSMOS can make all necessary travelling arrangements for onsigning and offsigning crew members at very competitive prices and liaise with vessel's local agents and the Master for coordinating the whole replacement process.
Certification follow-up COSMOS is following up expiry of certificates and other documents of the seamen and will inform you about expiring certificates (incl. vaccination, medical examination certificate, etc.) in due time so as to renew them or replace the respective seaman.
Rejoining program In cooperation with company’s crew department and/or Master of client’s vessel(s), COSMOS can establish a comprehensive rejoining program in order to ensure better re-employment of ex-company seafarers and timely replacement of seamen completing their services, making, if requested, all repatriation arrangements.
ITF -IBF coverage Being a member of International Maritime Employment's Committee (IMEC), COSMOS Marine Management can offer full coverage and compliance with International Bargaining Forum (IBF) Agreement.

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    From 01 July 2009, all Ship Security Officers (SSO) must be issued with a Certificate of Proficiency in accordance with regulation VI/5 of the STCW Convention and STCW Code Section A-VI/5. Existing qualifications, issued before 01 January 2008, are valid till 01 July 2009.

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